An Evaluation of Darwin’s Doubt Written By Stephen Meyer

Stephen Meyer is a scientific philosopher argues that the Intelligent Design is therefore true and that the Theory of Evolution of Charles Darwin lacks reason and reality. He is an expert on the philosophy of science with a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge. He is also a geophysicist in his previous career. He has authored many essays and books regarding the Intelligent Design and the Philosophy of Science.

Stephen Meyer is a front runner in defending the creationism which Christians believe in. But unlike most Christian apologists or theists, he has a wide background in scientific study and philosophy. He is also the director for the Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute.

Darwin’s Doubt and The Cambrian Explosion

What is Darwin’s Doubt all about? In a nutshell, Darwin’s doubt is a book that supports the theory and philosophy of the Intellegent Design. Intellegent design states that our universe, this planet and all its beings are not just mere coincidences but are designed by a Great Creator. It also uses the argument related to the Cambrian Explosion, which is an evolutionary phenomenon known to have puzzled even Charles Darwin.

The Cambrian Explosion is basically an explosion of sudden and fast evolution which is contrary to the regular thought of evolution: that things evolve gradually. This phenomenon was discovered by railmakers in the early 19th century when they dug lands in order to build the first Canadian trancontinental rail system.

One of the geologists of the said project saw that the ridges of Mt. Stephen showed evidences of fossilized marine animals. But unlike slow evolution, these marine creatures evolved in an unbelievable speed.

And so due to the news of this well preserved site of the remains of fossilized animals, a famous paleontologist name Dr. Charles Doolittle Walcott came to Mt. Stephen. He then named the site as the Burgess Shale.

The Burgess Shale contained execionally preserved marine animals that even had soft tissue. They showed a fast evolutionary process rather than the slow and gradual one taught by Charles Darwin and other Evolution Theorists. Darwin stated in his book the Origin of Species that for an organism such as a bird or a fish to evolve from it’s previous anscestor to its to current state would take millions of years to do so.

Basically the Cambrian Explosion phenomenon contradicts what most evolutionary theorist beliefs; mainly Charles Darwin’s Orgin of Species. Stephen Meyer uses philosophy and his careful examination of paleontolic evidences to prove that that the Cambrian Explosion can therefore deminish any doubths about Creationism and Intellegent Design.

In his book, he careful analysises the threatises of Darwin. He sites how species suddenly evolved in an explainable speed. Such explosion of life is not possible without any Devine Intervention.

Stephen Meyer: A Philosopher of Science

Stephen Meyer, unlike many Creationists, has studied both science and philosophy. He examines scientific literature, past evidences, experimentations done and gathers data in order to logically examine them to come up with a coherent argument. As a philosoper of science, his main task to carefully evaluate data from scientists and check if they are plausible. He uses both evidence and logic to come up with his theories and writings.

Stephen Meyer looked into paleontology and carefully examined the texts relating the Cambrian Explosion. His book also contains about sixty pages of scientific notes, biography and literature to help his readers understand the scientific concepts. He also looked into life science, biology and bioformatics.

In the book Darwin’s Doubt, Meyer enlisted the help of two paleontologists and two biologists who were also advocates fo the Intellegent Design movement.

A Sneakpeak of Darwin’s Doubt

When Darwin’s Doubt debuted, it became New York Times’s #7 Bestsellig Book. It also reached the #1 status in the Barnes and Nobles list of books.

Because of the well researched data and great arguments made by Meyer, many attacked him. False reviews circulated online, but this did nto deter the book from enlightening others.

Three Major Parts of the Book

Part 1 – The first one is the Mystery of the Missing Fossils. This part tackles the history of major fossil bed areas in various places. This section also examines the Pre-Cambrian, Cambrian and Post-Cambrian paleontology. Mystery of the Missing Fossils analyses different evidences from the said periods of time.

Part 2 – The second part is the How to Build an Animal. This guide examines how animals came to be in the Cambrian period and what accounted for their fast evolution.

Part 3 – The last part is the After Darwin, What? This part tackles the comparison between the arguments of the Evolutionists vs the arguments of the Intellegent Design.

All in all, the book was an eye opening experience that anyone who is interested on how we came to be can appreciate.

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